At-Home Pet Euthanasia

Our veterinarian will give your pet time to become accustomed to her and take several other steps to ensure their passing is as peaceful as possible.

Paws at Rest At-Home Pet Euthanasia

The veterinarian will arrive at your home and give your pet some time to become accustomed to her. Then, a sedative injection will be administered to your pet. This will allow your pet to relax and will alleviate any pain or anxiety. When all present are ready to proceed, a small spot on your pet’s leg will be shaved, and the euthanasia solution will be administered. In most cases, your pet will pass away quickly and peacefully. It can be a matter of seconds or 10+ minutes, depending on your pet’s disease process(es) as well as other factors. The doctor will listen to your pet’s heart to ensure and confirm with you that your pet has passed away.

If you have elected cremation, a staff member from the crematorium will arrive shortly after the home euthanasia visit to gently transport your pet directly to the crematorium.